Southern Brunch

We receive a lot of requests for a Southern Brunch menu for weddings and parties. Here are some popular menu ideas!

Chef attended Lightly Scrambled eggs station: Bell Peppers, Onions, Braised Vegetables, Diced Tomato
Southern Grits Station: butter, sour cream, Scallions, Cheese and Fresh Bacon Bits… build your own
Blackened Salmon w/ A Cajun Baby Port Sauce
Bacon Turkey Sausage
Seared Sausage w peppers/onions
Sweet potato fries w toppings (fresh Parmesan/Garlic, caramel, marshmallow cream
Jalapeño pepper cornbread southern biscuits
Fried Chicken Tenders & Belgian Waffles w warmed syrup
Sauteed Collard Greens w Roma Tomato
Hamburger sliders w cheese, red onion, Roma tomato, garlic mayo
Southern Breakfast Potato